Exo Genuine Free Shipping Baekhyun - Bambi Photobook ver. Full Rain Bambi+Night Set $28 Exo Baekhyun - Bambi [Photobook Bambi+Night Rain Full Set ver.] Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Exo Genuine Free Shipping Baekhyun - Bambi Photobook ver. Full Rain Bambi+Night Set Full,/meddlesomely366677.html,Exo,Set,$28,[Photobook,intoxiatechnologies.com,Rain,ver.],Bambi+Night,Bambi,Baekhyun,-,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products $28 Exo Baekhyun - Bambi [Photobook Bambi+Night Rain Full Set ver.] Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Full,/meddlesomely366677.html,Exo,Set,$28,[Photobook,intoxiatechnologies.com,Rain,ver.],Bambi+Night,Bambi,Baekhyun,-,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products

Exo Be super welcome Genuine Free Shipping Baekhyun - Bambi Photobook ver. Full Rain Bambi+Night Set

Exo Baekhyun - Bambi [Photobook Bambi+Night Rain Full Set ver.]


Exo Baekhyun - Bambi [Photobook Bambi+Night Rain Full Set ver.]

Product description

[ Release Date: Mar 30, 2021 ]
[ Free Gift for Pre Order (Not Guaranteed If Not Ordered From BolsVos) ]

1) Decorative Sticker Set for phone or Laptop etc. (Random 1 out of 15, Group or Individual)
2) Extra Photocard Set (Group or Individual)
* The Merchs may not be only for Baekhyun but for major KPOP artists due to license issue or limited Q'ty
[ Composition ]

- Cover / Bambi ver / Night Rain ver / 2types / W150*H210*T16(mm) / Varies by Version
- Photobook / Bambi ver / Night Rain ver / 2types / W150*H210(mm) / 88p / Varies by Version
- Lyrics Paper / Bambi ver / Night Rain ver / 2types / 24pages / W150*H210(mm) / Varies by Version
- CD-R / Bambi ver / Night Rain ver / 2types / (All versions (Full Set) To Be Provided)
- Folded Poster / Bambi ver / Night Rain ver / W298*H418(mm) / 2 types Per Version
- Clear Card / W65*H95(mm) / Random 1p out of 4p
- Sequence Film / W170*H40(mm) / Random 1p out of 2p
- Postcard / W100*H150(mm) / Random 1p out of 4p
- Photocard / W55*H85(mm) / Random 1p out of 4p
- Folded Poster / W610*H920(mm) / Random 1 out of 2 by version / First Press Only / (Per Album)
[ Made in Korea (100% Authentic) ]

[ Will be Count Towards Hanteo and Gaon Chart ]

Exo Baekhyun - Bambi [Photobook Bambi+Night Rain Full Set ver.]

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