$42,Mini,1080P,Outdoor,Prettyia,Portable,Projector,/meddlesomely278677.html,Movie,YG280,Electronics , Video Projectors,intoxiatechnologies.com,80'' Prettyia Outdoor Discount mail order YG280 Portable Movie 80'' Projector Mini 1080P $42 Prettyia Outdoor YG280 Portable Movie Mini Projector 1080P 80'' Electronics Video Projectors Prettyia Outdoor Discount mail order YG280 Portable Movie 80'' Projector Mini 1080P $42,Mini,1080P,Outdoor,Prettyia,Portable,Projector,/meddlesomely278677.html,Movie,YG280,Electronics , Video Projectors,intoxiatechnologies.com,80'' $42 Prettyia Outdoor YG280 Portable Movie Mini Projector 1080P 80'' Electronics Video Projectors

Prettyia Outdoor Discount mail order YG280 Portable Movie 80'' Projector Time sale Mini 1080P

Prettyia Outdoor YG280 Portable Movie Mini Projector 1080P 80''


Prettyia Outdoor YG280 Portable Movie Mini Projector 1080P 80''

Product description


- Supporting 1920x1080 resolution
- LED lighting provides a viewing experience for you.
- YG280 Projector is perfect for video viewing, TV series watching as well as photo browsing.
- It provides a watching size from 20” to 80” with the projection distance between 0.5m to 2m.
- Without installing any app, you can easily realize the smart-phone connection


- Model: YG280
- Size:142x92x55MM
- Projection method: front projection
- Voltage: 100-240 (V)
- Weight: 0.628 (kg)
- Power: 20 (w)
- Resolution: 480x272
- Projection lens: LED
- Projection painting size: 20-80 inches (cm)
- Imaging technology: LCD
- Support resolution: 1920*1080
- Light source: LED
- Focus: manual
- Projection distance: 0.5-2M
- Projection ratio: 1.65:1
- Screen ratio: 16:9
- Power supply adapter: 12V-2V
- Input interface: HDMI, USB, AV
- Output interface: 3.5mm AUX

Package Includes:

1x 1080P Projector
1x manual
1x power adapter (us )
1x 3 in 1 AV cable
1x remote control

We greatly appreciate you for choosing our shop. Please check the details of our products in the description carefully before your purchase. Thanks!

Prettyia Outdoor YG280 Portable Movie Mini Projector 1080P 80''

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