Industrial Scientific , Fasteners,10,Phosphate,Pk,0.31,Thread,Black,Steel,/loft366448.html,Locking,Key,in,$40,,Co,Insert 10 Pk 0.31 in Black Phosphate Locking All items free shipping Insert Thread Steel Co Key 10 Pk 0.31 in Black Phosphate Locking All items free shipping Insert Thread Steel Co Key $40 10 Pk,0.31 in Black Phosphate Steel Key Locking Thread Insert Co Industrial Scientific Fasteners $40 10 Pk,0.31 in Black Phosphate Steel Key Locking Thread Insert Co Industrial Scientific Fasteners Industrial Scientific , Fasteners,10,Phosphate,Pk,0.31,Thread,Black,Steel,/loft366448.html,Locking,Key,in,$40,,Co,Insert

10 Max 63% OFF Pk 0.31 in Black Phosphate Locking All items free shipping Insert Thread Steel Co Key

10 Pk,0.31 in Black Phosphate Steel Key Locking Thread Insert Co


10 Pk,0.31 in Black Phosphate Steel Key Locking Thread Insert Co

Product description

Item:Key Locking Thread Insert; Type:2 Locking Keys; Wall Type:Thin; Material:Black Phosphate Steel; Internal Thread Size:10-32; External Thread Size:5/16-18; Thread Type:Unf; Length:0.31 In; Tap Sizes:5/16-18; Drill Size:I; Min. Full Thread Depth:0.37 In; Internal Thread Class:3B; External Thread Class:2A; Application:fit Metal; Installation:Tool 5Xa40; Package Quantity:10;10 Pk,0.31 In Black Phosphate Steel Key Locking Thread Insert Compatible 10-32 Internal Thread Size,,20400002034-Office Products

10 Pk,0.31 in Black Phosphate Steel Key Locking Thread Insert Co

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