CDs Vinyl , Rock,$28,Heavy,Going,/loft278448.html,with,Out,,Way,Trash Going Way Out Max 68% OFF Trash with Heavy Going Way Out Max 68% OFF Trash with Heavy CDs Vinyl , Rock,$28,Heavy,Going,/loft278448.html,with,Out,,Way,Trash $28 Going Way Out with Heavy Trash CDs Vinyl Rock $28 Going Way Out with Heavy Trash CDs Vinyl Rock

Going Way Out Max Classic 68% OFF Trash with Heavy

Going Way Out with Heavy Trash


Going Way Out with Heavy Trash

Editorial Reviews

Australian pressing of this 2008 release from Jon Spencer's new project features additional bonus tracks. On stage and in the studio, Jon Spencer, has destroyed and rebuilt American roots music with such ferocity and wild abandon it is hard to believe that there is anything left. The trail of musical destruction in the wake of his legendary combo Pussy Galore still smolders with the stench of avant Punk trash and nasty Garage ooze and grind, while his towering work with the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion remains an indelible totem to his enormous mojo spirit and red-hot power of deliverance. And while the Blues Explosion is on a Roc k 'N' Roll holiday, Jon has not rested! He has not worked on his tan, he has not read the latest summer blockbuster!! NO!! Jon Spencer has chosen the righteous path, and got Way Out with his pal Matt Verta-Ray and the Heavy Trash!!. The album simply oozes with the spirit of Elvis and Johnny Cash! Recorded with the help of Canadian roots rockers the Sadies and members of Denmark's finest Rock 'N' Roll bands (Tremolo Beer Gut and Powersolo) in various locales including Liam Watsons Toe Rag studio. Infidelity.

Going Way Out with Heavy Trash

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