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14K Two-Toned New York Mall Gold Silver Cross Detailed Yellow in F San Francisco Mall Circle

14K Two-Toned Gold Silver Cross in Yellow Gold Detailed Circle F


14K Two-Toned Gold Silver Cross in Yellow Gold Detailed Circle F

Product description

For years, Pori Jewelers has been crafting and selling high quality pieces of jewelry, to the satisfaction of customers around the world.
PORI Jewelers creates intricate quality pieces with complex crafting skills that will stand out in your collection.
This stunning pendant is an elegant amp; beautiful solid 14K Gold Piece of Jewelry.
This 14K Yellow Gold Pendant looks great on anyone.
Add this Pendant to any necklace or outfit to create a stylish ensemble.
Perfect for any occasion, casual or fancy.

Makes a great gift for loved ones!
We do our very best to make sure you love what you buy from PORI JEWELERS. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

We guarantee the best possible quality.

14K Two-Toned Gold Silver Cross in Yellow Gold Detailed Circle F

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