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Space: 1999 - The Complete Manufacturer OFFicial Spring new work one after another shop Series Second

Space: 1999 - The Complete Second Series


Space: 1999 - The Complete Second Series

Editorial Reviews

Amazon Add: Space: 1999 - The Complete Second Series [DVD] REPLYREPLY ALLFORWARD Mark as unread Steve Rogers Fri 28/08/2015 07:31 To: Carolina Garcia; 2 attachments Space 1999 ~.jpg 1999 s2 DVD 2d.jpg Stars: Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, Catherine Schell, Tony Anholt, Nick Tate Directors: Charles Crichton, Ray Austin, Tom Clegg, Bob Brooks, Val Guest

September 13th, 1999...

A nuclear waste dump on the moon unexpectedly detonates, blasting the moon out of orbit and taking the inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha on a fantastic voyage of discovery to the stars, fraught with danger at every turn.

Long awaited, this second series Gerry Anderson's cult sci-fi series is presented here as a stunning High Definition restoration for the very first time. All 24 episodes, presented here in their original 1.33:1 aspect ratio with optional original mono or new 5.1 soundtracks, are featured alongside a wealth of special features, including:

[] Music-only tracks on all episodes
[] Unexposed: Behind the Scenes of Series Two - filming The Mark of Archanon
[] Stock Footage Archive: alternate takes and unused shots
[] Production Audio: original source recordings for material from four episodes
[] Cosmos: 1999: a stop-motion fan film from 1979
[] Martin Landau: in-depth interview from 1994
[] Archive Interviews with cast and crew
[] Seed of Destruction: the series two episode re-edited and re-scored as if it were made for series one
[] Outtake: a blooper featured in It'll Be All Right on the Night
[] Trailers and promos: contemporary promotional material for the UK and US
[] Behind the Scenes - Model Shop: footage taken during The AB Chrysalis - with Brian Johnson commentary
[] Clean series two titles
[] Image galleries of rare and previously unseen stills
[] Script and annual PDFs

Space: 1999 - The Complete Second Series


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