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Ghende Chokra's Superior supreme

Ghende Chokra's


Ghende Chokra's

Editorial Reviews

2007 reissue of this Prog classic from Indonesian Rock pioneers Shark Move, who formed in 1970 and were founded by Benny Soebardja, who plays lead guitar and sings. The group combined Rock music and English lyrics with traditional harmonies and Progressive sounds. While other bands at that time were still playing sweetened Pop music, this was really an experimental recording for the time and place it was made. Unfortunately, at the end of 1970, the band's keyboard player passed away, so Benny decided not to continue and formed a new band named Giant Step. Ghede Chokra's is a very complex Prog album which is as strong as many of the UK Prog classics of the early '70s, with that little something extra that makes this album unique and great. Shadoks.

Ghende Chokra's

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