ZQALOVE Mini Children Camera Full Portable Ranking TOP18 Rechargeable Digit HD ZQALOVE Mini Children Camera Full Portable Ranking TOP18 Rechargeable Digit HD $35 ZQALOVE Mini Children Camera Full HD Portable Rechargeable Digit Electronics Camera Photo $35,Rechargeable,ZQALOVE,intoxiatechnologies.com,Camera,/doer867308.html,Electronics , Camera Photo,Digit,Mini,HD,Children,Full,Portable $35,Rechargeable,ZQALOVE,intoxiatechnologies.com,Camera,/doer867308.html,Electronics , Camera Photo,Digit,Mini,HD,Children,Full,Portable $35 ZQALOVE Mini Children Camera Full HD Portable Rechargeable Digit Electronics Camera Photo

ZQALOVE Mini Children Camera Full Portable Large discharge sale Ranking TOP18 Rechargeable Digit HD

ZQALOVE Mini Children Camera Full HD Portable Rechargeable Digit


ZQALOVE Mini Children Camera Full HD Portable Rechargeable Digit

Product description


Optical Zoom:Fixed Focus
Image Stabilization:No
Special Feature:None
Image Resolution (Video):Full HD (1920x1080)
Sensor Element Type:CCD
Sensor Size (inches):4/3 inches
Focal Length:55 - 110mm
MegaPixel:1920*1080 pixels
Model Number:Video Camcorder
Storage Type:SD Card
Display Size:gt; 3"
Recording Format:Picture: JPEG Video: AVI
Memory Card Type:SD Card
Dropshipping, Wholesale:Support
LCD: TFT3.5 inch
Material: Environmental protection anti-fall ABS shell
Color: Blue, Pink (As Pictures Show)
Charging time: About 2 hours
Screen size: 3.5 inches
Size: 117*72*25mm
Photo resolution: 3264*2448 pixels
Video resolution: 1920*1080 pixels
Battery capacity: 600 mAh
Functions: Video, photo, photo stickers
Scenes: Auto, Night scenery, scenery, sport, party,beach
Photo Frame: Support
Image Format: JGP? ?Definiton:VGA、1M、2M、3M
Video Format: AVI? Size:QVGA,VGA,720P,1080P? Frame rate:30fps
Image Quality:Super Fine/Good/Standard
Interface card:Maximum32GB TF Card(Not included)
Support multi-national languages: Chinese, English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, French and other 20 multi-national languages
3.5 inch Screen, small and dazzling design
Easy operation design
More suitable for children's habits
Long standby, full of electricity
Package Included:
1*Digital camera
1*Data line

ZQALOVE Mini Children Camera Full HD Portable Rechargeable Digit

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