$51 TileWare Tub Corner Shelf Shower Caddy for Bathroom with Sponge Home Kitchen Bath TileWare,/doer448108.html,Bathroom,$51,intoxiatechnologies.com,Home Kitchen , Bath,Caddy,Tub,with,Shelf,Shower,for,Corner,Sponge TileWare Tub Corner Shelf Shower Caddy Bathroom National products with Sponge for TileWare Tub Corner Shelf Shower Caddy Bathroom National products with Sponge for $51 TileWare Tub Corner Shelf Shower Caddy for Bathroom with Sponge Home Kitchen Bath TileWare,/doer448108.html,Bathroom,$51,intoxiatechnologies.com,Home Kitchen , Bath,Caddy,Tub,with,Shelf,Shower,for,Corner,Sponge

Cheap sale TileWare Tub Corner Shelf Shower Caddy Bathroom National products with Sponge for

TileWare Tub Corner Shelf Shower Caddy for Bathroom with Sponge


TileWare Tub Corner Shelf Shower Caddy for Bathroom with Sponge

Product description

Color:Polished Chrome - Hook

Give Your Bathroom the L Factor with TileWare Tub and Shower Shelves with Hooks! TileWare Products' Boundless L Shaped corner bathtub or shower shelf with hook is the perfect accessory for your new bathroom renovation project. Our corner shelves for tile are made of acrylic solid surfaces with a super white matte finish, while hooks features are made of solid stainless steel with durable rust free finishes. They provide a sleek, simple, modern design that works with all types of bathroom décor, while offering maximum storage for all your bathing must-haves, including shampoo, conditioner, soap, shaving cream, as well as, washcloths, poofs, scrubbers, squeegees or anything that hangs with a rope. These one-of-a-kind shelves provide 2 utilities in 1, making planning and organization so much easier. It turns the shower of your dreams into a blissful spa environment, keeping all your personal care items displayed within easy reach. The L shaped configuration hugs perimeter walls, without over-crowding your personal space, which is especially valuable in small sized showers and tubs. One individual shelf with integrated hook provides 22 inches of storage capacity after installation – which is twice as big as a traditional 9 inch corner shelf or shower caddy. Each floating shelf can be used interchangeably on both right and left-facing walls and may be stacked or staggered, which gives you endless design options (see our illustration). Please note these tile in shelves are intended for either new or renovated tile shower projects. TileWare endorses professional tile installation methods and materials when installing our shelves, which ensures it lasts for decades. Whether you are a designer, contractor, or you like to DIY, these shelves with minimal hooks offer both style and dual functionality. Note: Shelves install with tile and not after. We'll hook you up... mount this corner shower shelf into your shopping cart now :)

TileWare Tub Corner Shelf Shower Caddy for Bathroom with Sponge

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