$28 Custom Blanket with Name Text,Personalized to My Dear Mom Lavend Home Kitchen Bedding $28 Custom Blanket with Name Text,Personalized to My Dear Mom Lavend Home Kitchen Bedding Custom Blanket with Name Text Personalized to Mom My Selling Dear Lavend Name,Text,Personalized,/diligence867278.html,Lavend,to,Mom,with,intoxiatechnologies.com,Blanket,Custom,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Dear,My,$28 Name,Text,Personalized,/diligence867278.html,Lavend,to,Mom,with,intoxiatechnologies.com,Blanket,Custom,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Dear,My,$28 Custom Blanket with Name Text Personalized to Mom My Selling Dear Lavend

Custom Blanket with Spring new work one after another Name Text Personalized to Mom My Selling Dear Lavend

Custom Blanket with Name Text,Personalized to My Dear Mom Lavend


Custom Blanket with Name Text,Personalized to My Dear Mom Lavend

Product description

Color:Multi 30

Custom personalize throw blanket with your name text as great gifts to commemorate special events and precious moments such as wedding, birthdays, graduation ceremony, holidays, Party, Mother Day, Father Day,Thanksgiving, Christmas, proms and much more.

100% Polyester.Light weight blanket,soft and comfortable handing feeling.

Design: One-side Printing.Using heat dye sublimation technique,long-lasting effects.
wash: Easy to clean, machine washable, one side printing amp; without fear of fading colors or shrinkage.

Multifuctions:It is suitable for four seasons,a great addition to your bedding collection - sofa, couch, bedroom, living room, guest room, kids room, RV, vacation house,or as a pets bed for dogs and cats. It is also perfect use for family outdoors activity, sports and beach.

Custom Blanket with Name Text,Personalized to My Dear Mom Lavend

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