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RONGXI Multifunction Smart Watch, Men Women Blood Pressure Blood


RONGXI Multifunction Smart Watch, Men Women Blood Pressure Blood

Product description


Product description

High-definition color screen, larger screen, dazzling and colorful colors, stylish and cool, sensitive to operation, clearer, shining like a star, full display wonderful, two menu styles, nine grid styles, honeycomb style, arbitrary switching. Easy to slide, flexible touch screen operation
Security Smart Assistant: It can answer and reject calls. Once connected, the wristband will use the call log for the call. Whether it is sports or driving, after plugging in the phone, it will be pushed to the watch in time. One-click answering will free your hands and make communication more free.
Music control function
Support music control, music playback, you can control the phone's music playback through Bluetooth,
Low-power dual-mode chip
Long battery life
Standby for 30 days, battery life is 3 to 6 days per day, so you no longer travel
Troubled by the battery, enjoy exploring and be more exciting!
Enjoy sports
With IP67 dustproof and waterproof function, it can meet the waterproof requirements of daily sports and life.
Whether it is sweating or splashing raindrops, you can easily deal with it.

Screen display: 1.70 inches high-definition full circle screen
Resolution: 240 * 280
Operation mode: full touch screen + function keys
Waterproof rating: IP67 waterproof
Color: streamer gold, dolphin gray, obsidian black
Heart rate: HRS3300
Support Bluetooth: BluetoothLE 5.0
Support equipment: support Android 4.4, I0S9.0 and above

Packing list
1 *Host
1 *Accessories
1 *Description
1 box

After receiving the watch, please charge it first. Due to long-term logistics, the watch battery is low. Before use, please scan the QR code on the manual to download the application, and then connect it to the APP.

RONGXI Multifunction Smart Watch, Men Women Blood Pressure Blood

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