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Manopoulos Discus Thrower Chess Limited time cheap Sales of SALE items from new works sale Blue BrassNickel Set -

Manopoulos Discus Thrower Chess Set - BrassNickel - Blue Chess


Manopoulos Discus Thrower Chess Set - BrassNickel - Blue Chess

Product description

The theme for this beautiful chess set from Manopoulos is inspired by Ancient Greece. The combination of top quality and good prices made Manopoulos company world known for their products. Famous sculptors were always inspired by the Olympic Games. The purpose was to highlight the beauty of the athlete’s shape and themajesty of the honored Gods. The King figure is a replica of the famous statue “Poseidon of Melos” (2nd cent. B.C.), and the Queen represents the glorious “Athena Promaxos” (450 B.C. Acropolis museum). A bronze statue of god Hermes has inspired the Bishop figure and the Knight is a part of the marble facade of Parthenon. Castle is a reproduction of an admirable Attic stele of young Aristion who died in battle. Finally the Pawn is a bronze statue of a discus thrower athlete during the classic period (500 B.C.)(S7) Board details: Condition: New, Handmade in Greece. Exterior Material: Brass board over wood(color Blue-Brass) Dimensions of board : 36cm x 36cm Square size: 3.5cm Chess pawns details: Condition: New, Handmade in Greece. King Height: 7 cm(2.75") King Base: 2.3 cm(0.9") Pawns material: Brass and Nickel Plated cast Zinc

Manopoulos Discus Thrower Chess Set - BrassNickel - Blue Chess

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