LYXDZW 6.52" Max 50% OFF Fit for Tecno Camon LCD 12 CC7 Touch Screen Display Fit,6.52",Touch,/determinability867542.html,Tecno,CC7,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,Display,,for,LYXDZW,12,LCD,Camon,Screen,$67 LYXDZW 6.52" Max 50% OFF Fit for Tecno Camon LCD 12 CC7 Touch Screen Display $67 LYXDZW 6.52" Fit for Tecno Camon 12 CC7 LCD Display Touch Screen Cell Phones Accessories Accessories $67 LYXDZW 6.52" Fit for Tecno Camon 12 CC7 LCD Display Touch Screen Cell Phones Accessories Accessories Fit,6.52",Touch,/determinability867542.html,Tecno,CC7,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,Display,,for,LYXDZW,12,LCD,Camon,Screen,$67


LYXDZW 6.52" Fit for Tecno Camon 12 CC7 LCD Display Touch Screen


LYXDZW 6.52" Fit for Tecno Camon 12 CC7 LCD Display Touch Screen

Product description


You will get a high-quality screen with common repair tools, Maybe they look ordinary, but we save the cost and Buyers can save their money.
Please test item fully before installing. Do not remove any stickers or protective film when testing.

We will not change/refund any goods that have the protective film or stickers removed.

LYXDZW 6.52" Fit for Tecno Camon 12 CC7 LCD Display Touch Screen

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