$72 ZJYSM1018 Cyan, Stripy, Fold In Half, 24"x 70" X 1.9cm Kitchen M Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Inventory cleanup selling sale ZJYSM1018 Cyan Stripy Fold In Half Kitchen 1.9cm M 24"x X 70" Inventory cleanup selling sale ZJYSM1018 Cyan Stripy Fold In Half Kitchen 1.9cm M 24"x X 70" $72 ZJYSM1018 Cyan, Stripy, Fold In Half, 24"x 70" X 1.9cm Kitchen M Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining 70",X,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,intoxiatechnologies.com,M,ZJYSM1018,In,1.9cm,/determinability867442.html,Cyan,,24"x,Fold,$72,Half,,Kitchen,Stripy, 70",X,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,intoxiatechnologies.com,M,ZJYSM1018,In,1.9cm,/determinability867442.html,Cyan,,24"x,Fold,$72,Half,,Kitchen,Stripy,

Inventory Cheap cleanup selling sale ZJYSM1018 Cyan Stripy Fold In Half Kitchen 1.9cm M 24

ZJYSM1018 Cyan, Stripy, Fold In Half, 24"x 70" X 1.9cm Kitchen M


ZJYSM1018 Cyan, Stripy, Fold In Half, 24"x 70" X 1.9cm Kitchen M

Product description

Welcome to buy our products, we will be happy to help you.
It's a common thing for a barber to standing for a long time, so a salon mat that can reduce standing fatigue is necessary. This salon mat is made of PVC Leather amp; PU Foam amp; SBR Anti Slip, and it's extremely prosperous. By using this salon mat, you can work long hours with little stress on your joints and feet. And it also can be used under high heels. It's large enough (20" x 36"), which allows you to work around a client while staying on the mat. The mat choice is 3/4" thick.
Supportive ergo-PU foam desk mat reduces fatigue from standing
Unadulterated for those transitioning to a standing desk
Gloss: Cyan
Mat Shape: Rectangle
Application: Kitchens (Both Home or Professional), Office, Workshops, Garages, Bars, Cashier Sideboard, Registration Desks, Anywhere You Will be Standing for Long Period of Time
Package Includes:
1 x Kitchen Mat
If you have any questions, please contact us and we will provide you with quality customer service as soon as possible.

ZJYSM1018 Cyan, Stripy, Fold In Half, 24"x 70" X 1.9cm Kitchen M

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