$28 Texas AM Track Field Series - Drills and Progressions for Cha Movies TV Genre for Featured Categories and,intoxiatechnologies.com,for,-,$28,Movies TV , Genre for Featured Categories,Drills,Cha,/determinability867242.html,Track,Series,Field,AM,Texas,Progressions Texas AM Track Field Series - Drills Cha for Progressions and Max 68% OFF Texas AM Track Field Series - Drills Cha for Progressions and Max 68% OFF $28 Texas AM Track Field Series - Drills and Progressions for Cha Movies TV Genre for Featured Categories and,intoxiatechnologies.com,for,-,$28,Movies TV , Genre for Featured Categories,Drills,Cha,/determinability867242.html,Track,Series,Field,AM,Texas,Progressions

Texas AM Track Field Series - Drills Ranking TOP20 Cha for Progressions and Max 68% OFF

Texas AM Track Field Series - Drills and Progressions for Cha


Texas AM Track Field Series - Drills and Progressions for Cha

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with Jim VanHootegem, University of Oklahoma Head Coach;
former Texas Aamp;M Assistant Track Coach;
2013 Men's NCAA National Champs!

Train your vaulters to grip and carry the pole properly
Learn to plant and bend the pole correctly
Learn Various takeoff drills
Get several pole vault specific training exercises to develop shoulder and core strength

Texas Aamp;M Assistant Coach Jim Vanhootegem explains the teaching progression of skills and drills for one of the most exciting events in track amp; field--the pole vault. Assistant Jumps Coach and former DIII All-American vaulter Mike Bina provides demonstrations of each technique and drill.

Texas AM Track Field Series - Drills and Progressions for Cha

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