Electric,Fireplace,Trademark,Global,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,$194,intoxiatechnologies.com,Verona,Heater,Color-Changing,/determinability366342.html Electric,Fireplace,Trademark,Global,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,$194,intoxiatechnologies.com,Verona,Heater,Color-Changing,/determinability366342.html Trademark Global Verona Color-Changing Super sale period limited Electric Fireplace Heater Trademark Global Verona Color-Changing Super sale period limited Electric Fireplace Heater $194 Trademark Global Verona Color-Changing Electric Fireplace Heater Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality $194 Trademark Global Verona Color-Changing Electric Fireplace Heater Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality

Trademark Global Verona Color-Changing Super sale period limited Electric Fireplace Heater 2021

Trademark Global Verona Color-Changing Electric Fireplace Heater


Trademark Global Verona Color-Changing Electric Fireplace Heater

Product description

80-44244 Features: -Electric fireplace.-Wall mounted electric fireplace.-Black tempered glass front panel.-Adjustable flame brightness.-Flame effect can be switched on without turning heating on.-Remote control with on/off.-Safety thermal cut-off device.-Mounting hardware - allows you to mount this incredible fireplace right to your wall.-Fan motor with aluminum blows heat from the top of the unit.-Heating type: coiled wire resistive heat.-Power cord is 70" Length. Includes: -Pebbles and instruction manual included. Color/Finish: -Color: Black.-Flame effect with 10 color changing LED options (Color sequence: amber, red, green, blue, red/green, red/blue, green/blue, red/amber, green/blue, blue/amber). Specifications: -750W and 1500W heat settings. Dimensions: -Dimensions: 22" H x 35" W x 6" D.

Trademark Global Verona Color-Changing Electric Fireplace Heater

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