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TJLSS Ceramic Soup Pot 5 Japan's largest assortment Popularity Quart Round Heat Casserole Proof Heal

TJLSS Ceramic Soup Pot, 5 Quart Round Casserole, Heat Proof Heal


TJLSS Ceramic Soup Pot, 5 Quart Round Casserole, Heat Proof Heal

Product description

This is a large-capacity casserole, it is made of environmentally-friendly and durable materials, alternating hot and cold, not easy to break.

environmentally friendly glazed surface, easy to clean, pot side raised to prevent soup overflow.

humanized design, More intimate, ideal for family use, or as a gift to others.

This high quality casserole is suitable for soups, stews and other cooking methods to make your kitchen life more colorful.


Color: Black + yellow

Material: Clay + Spodumene + Anti-scalding handle

Capacity: 4.8 Liters

Weight: 5 lbs

Scope of application: gas stove, electric ceramic stove, microwave oven

Applicable scene: kitchen, family gathering, birthday party, hotel, restaurant, banquet hall

Clean method: scrub with water

Package Included:

1*Ceramic Soup Pot


1. Pay attention to the pot when cooking, avoid dry burning or empty burning

2. After cooking, do not immediately place the casserole directly in a cold environment. It should be placed on a thick towel or insulation mat to prevent damage due to alternating heat and cold.

3. When cleaning, please clean with a sponge or a soft cloth

4. Handle gently
Only sell main products, not other products

TJLSS Ceramic Soup Pot, 5 Quart Round Casserole, Heat Proof Heal

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