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200 Pack Clear Choice 10

200 Pack Clear 10" x 12", 3 mil Vacuum Chamber Bags Great for Fo


200 Pack Clear 10" x 12", 3 mil Vacuum Chamber Bags Great for Fo

Product description

Size:200 pcs

3-Mil Vacuum Chamber Pouches are a cost effective way to extend your products life while maintaining freshness and appearance. Our high clarity film allows for easy product identification while still providing puncture resistance and superior protection. Can be chilled, frozen, boiled or microwaved (it is recommended to puncture the bag before microwaving). For use in any chamber vacuum sealers. Will not work with Foodsaver style clamp suction machines.


COMMERCIAL GRADE: Tough 3 mil pouches perfect for extending the life of your food up to 5 times longer!

VACUUM CHAMBER BAGS MATERIAL: Blend of poly/nylon high barrier, high clarity film extends shelf life and helps prevent freezer burn and dehydration.

UNMATCHED VERSATILITY: Our pouches can be frozen, refrigerated, boiled or sous vide and even microwaved!

USED: Perfect for the commercial kitchen or at home. Lock in freshness and flavor and store your food with confidence.

✔ 200 Pieces
✔ 10x12 -- 10"(width) x 12"(length)
✔ Vacuum Chamber Bags
✔ 3-mil thickness
✔ Tear Notch
✔ Open End

200 Pack Clear 10" x 12", 3 mil Vacuum Chamber Bags Great for Fo

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