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Shepherd Hook 65 Inch Super Rust Metal Max 58% OFF Resistant Strong Premium Kansas City Mall

Shepherd Hook 65 Inch,Super Strong Rust Resistant Premium Metal


Shepherd Hook 65 Inch,Super Strong Rust Resistant Premium Metal

Product Description

32 33 48 65 92
32 Inch Shepherd Hook 1 Pack 32 Inch Shepherd Hook 2 Pack 48 Inch Shepherd Hook 1 Pack 65 Inch Shepherd Hook 1 Pack 92 Inch Shepherd Hook 1 Pack
Height 32 Inch 32 Inch 48 Inch 65 Inch 92 Inch
Thickness 0.4 Inch 0.4 Inch 0.4 Inch 0.6 Inch 0.6 Inch
Color Black Black Black Black Black
Quantity 1 pack 2 pack 1 pack 1 pack 1 pack
Material Iron Iron Iron Iron Iron

Shepherd Hook 65 Inch,Super Strong Rust Resistant Premium Metal



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