Stand and Mount for OnePlus Pro BoxWave 7T Super intense SALE by Mount,Mount,and,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,,and,BoxWave),$28,for,(Stand,/Poseidonian867298.html,Pro,OnePlus,7T,Stand,by Stand and Mount for OnePlus Pro BoxWave 7T Super intense SALE by $28 Stand and Mount for OnePlus 7T Pro (Stand and Mount by BoxWave) Cell Phones Accessories Accessories $28 Stand and Mount for OnePlus 7T Pro (Stand and Mount by BoxWave) Cell Phones Accessories Accessories Mount,Mount,and,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,,and,BoxWave),$28,for,(Stand,/Poseidonian867298.html,Pro,OnePlus,7T,Stand,by

Stand and Mount Fresno Mall for OnePlus Pro BoxWave 7T Super intense SALE by

Stand and Mount for OnePlus 7T Pro (Stand and Mount by BoxWave)


Stand and Mount for OnePlus 7T Pro (Stand and Mount by BoxWave)

Product description

Turn yourself into an INTERNET STAR with the PivotTrack Selfie Stand!

The PivotTrack Selfie Stand features an intelligent lens with both facial and object tracking capabilities. This exciting new piece of technology AUTOMATICALLY tracks your face and turns to follow your every movement! With its 270 degree rotation, the PivotTrack Selfie Stand utilizes facial tracking and recognition to follow you as you record your content!

No need to worry about connecting to any apps. The PivotTrack Selfie Stand is ready to go as soon as you turn it on. Very easy and CONVENIENT to use! Just clip your OnePlus 7T Pro in either portrait or landscape mode and begin recording!

Padding along the tripod legs allows for stable recording even while the screen is moving! With its ability to fold and compress, this stand is easy to take with you to any destination. COMPATIBLE with all kinds of live broadcast platforms, and so much fun to use!

Stable to use while simultaneously moving around, STRONG enough to hold your OnePlus 7T Pro in place through a 270 degree rotation.

Phone grip grows and shrinks to PERFECTLY fit the dimensions of your OnePlus 7T Pro and keep it safely in place!

Stand and Mount for OnePlus 7T Pro (Stand and Mount by BoxWave)

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