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Virgins Philistines: Expanded Bargain sale Edition Popularity

Virgins Philistines: Expanded Edition


Virgins Philistines: Expanded Edition

Editorial Reviews

Digitally remastered and expanded edition. After the demise of The Fun Boy Three in 1983, Terry Hall formed the The Colourfield with ex-Swinging Cats member Toby Lyons and Coventry bassist Karl Shale. They released two singles in 1984, 'The Colour Field' and 'Take', before the release of 'Thinking of You' in January '85 took them into the UK Top 40, reaching #12. Following the success of 'Thinking of You' the band released this, their debut album, to critical acclaim from the music press. It has since become a collectable and cherished album amongst fans. This release presents the original UK vinyl track list plus an additional ten hard to find B-sides from the four singles.

Virgins Philistines: Expanded Edition

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