S.141389 Hex Head Cap Screw - x latest Tensile 100mm MM6 Strength 10.9 $25 S.141389 Hex Head Cap Screw - MM6 x 100mm, Tensile Strength 10.9 Industrial Scientific Fasteners MM6,$25,-,100mm,,Cap,/Homeric447954.html,intoxiatechnologies.com,10.9,Tensile,Strength,Hex,S.141389,Screw,Head,x,Industrial Scientific , Fasteners $25 S.141389 Hex Head Cap Screw - MM6 x 100mm, Tensile Strength 10.9 Industrial Scientific Fasteners MM6,$25,-,100mm,,Cap,/Homeric447954.html,intoxiatechnologies.com,10.9,Tensile,Strength,Hex,S.141389,Screw,Head,x,Industrial Scientific , Fasteners S.141389 Hex Head Cap Screw - x latest Tensile 100mm MM6 Strength 10.9

S.141389 Hex Head Cap Screw - x latest Tensile 100mm Superior MM6 Strength 10.9

S.141389 Hex Head Cap Screw - MM6 x 100mm, Tensile Strength 10.9


S.141389 Hex Head Cap Screw - MM6 x 100mm, Tensile Strength 10.9

Product description

One New Aftermarket Hex Head Cap Screw - MM6 x 100mm, Tensile strength 10.9

Tech Info:
-Bolt Type: Hexagon Head Bolts
-Din No.: ANSI
-Finish: Yellow Zinc
-Length mm: 100
-Material: Steel
-Pack Type: Box
-Pieces: 50 pcs.
-Pitch mm: 1.00
-Size mm: M6
All OEM part numbers and logos are to be used for identification purposes only

S.141389 Hex Head Cap Screw - MM6 x 100mm, Tensile Strength 10.9

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