$627 FREEZYMAN Wine Cabinet 28-Bottle Dual-Zone, Tempered Glass Door, Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining FREEZYMAN Gifts Wine Cabinet 28-Bottle Door Tempered Glass Dual-Zone $627 FREEZYMAN Wine Cabinet 28-Bottle Dual-Zone, Tempered Glass Door, Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Cabinet,FREEZYMAN,Dual-Zone,,$627,intoxiatechnologies.com,28-Bottle,Wine,Glass,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Door,,/Homeric278354.html,Tempered FREEZYMAN Gifts Wine Cabinet 28-Bottle Door Tempered Glass Dual-Zone Cabinet,FREEZYMAN,Dual-Zone,,$627,intoxiatechnologies.com,28-Bottle,Wine,Glass,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Door,,/Homeric278354.html,Tempered

FREEZYMAN Gifts Wine Cabinet 28-Bottle Door Ranking TOP3 Tempered Glass Dual-Zone

FREEZYMAN Wine Cabinet 28-Bottle Dual-Zone, Tempered Glass Door,


FREEZYMAN Wine Cabinet 28-Bottle Dual-Zone, Tempered Glass Door,

Product description

◆The wine cabinet with large storage space is very stable, silent refrigeration, and layered storage of multiple items. It is the best choice for party exercises.

The wine cabinet is suitable for all kinds of food, wine and cosmetics to maintain the temperature.
The wine cabinet has a large capacity and multi-layer design, which can be used to store different items.

●Product name: wine cabinet.
●Product capacity: 100L
●Power mode: 220V~50Hz (countries with different power sources will give free adapters).
●Refrigeration method: Compressor refrigeration
●Material: tempered glass + metal.
●Power: 65W
●Temperature control range:-3~15℃
●Product size: 83*43*40cm(23.6*16.9*15.7inch)
●Net weight: 24kg.

1. Usually we will ship the goods within 1-3 days, and the delivery time is 7-15 working days.
2. This product only sells wine cabinets and does not include other products.

◎About error: manual measurement of size, due to different measurement methods, there may be an error of 0.5-1 cm.
◎About color: product pictures are taken in kind. Due to the influence of light, photography, display, etc., the color of the product may be slightly different. Please refer to the actual product.

★Thank you for your purchase and wish you a happy mood.
★If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we hope to provide you with better products.

FREEZYMAN Wine Cabinet 28-Bottle Dual-Zone, Tempered Glass Door,

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