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Homyl Bluetooth Smart Watch SmartWatch for S with Android cheap Ranking integrated 1st place Phones

Homyl Bluetooth Smart Watch SmartWatch for Android Phones with S


Homyl Bluetooth Smart Watch SmartWatch for Android Phones with S

Product description


- Equipped with a 1.28 inch full touch color screen, fashion sport style design for men and women. Stainless steel buttons enhances rich textures of the watch body with a skin-friendly silicone strap. Rich dials, change the dial as you like, show your own personality.
- The sports watch features 3 sports modes and can be used to monitor critical data such as exercise duration, steps taken, calories burned in real-time and etc. It is a HD camera to record a good life, also a song player which could link to your phones through Bluetooth, you can enjoy the music anytime anywhere.
- Waterproof to 3 meters, with precise structure design, it is easy to adapt to various environments when washing hands, getting in the rain or swimming. However, please do not use it in sauna and hot water.
- SOS one-key function is a protection for your children, keep your children safe, when child is in danger, one-click to dial the parent phone. This watch cannot download games, cannot surf the Internet, cannot use use APP and other function, no games, no impact on kids learning.
- Large capacity 600mAh and low power consumption design offers longer endurance. Only 3 hours charging ensure 3 days continuous use.


- Material: TPU ABS Stainless steel
- Head Size: 55.6x54.1x18.3mm/2.2x2.1x0.7inch
- Display Screen: 1.28 in
- Resolution: 240x240
- RAM/ROM: 512MB+4G
- The internet: 2G/3G/4G
- Webcam Pixels: 30W
- Battery Life: 3 days
- Charging Time: 3 hours

Package Includes:

1 x Smart watch
1 x Magnetic wire
1 x Manual
1 x Operation guide


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Homyl Bluetooth Smart Watch SmartWatch for Android Phones with S


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