$79 XINX Household Mini Small Smart Rice Cooker/Steamer with Non-Sti Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Mini,Non-Sti,with,Household,Small,XINX,$79,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Cooker/Steamer,Smart,intoxiatechnologies.com,/Ascomycetes867392.html,Rice XINX Household Mini Japan Maker New Small Smart Cooker with Rice Steamer Non-Sti XINX Household Mini Japan Maker New Small Smart Cooker with Rice Steamer Non-Sti Mini,Non-Sti,with,Household,Small,XINX,$79,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Cooker/Steamer,Smart,intoxiatechnologies.com,/Ascomycetes867392.html,Rice $79 XINX Household Mini Small Smart Rice Cooker/Steamer with Non-Sti Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

XINX Household Mini Japan Maker New Small Smart Cooker Japan Maker New with Rice Steamer Non-Sti

XINX Household Mini Small Smart Rice Cooker/Steamer with Non-Sti


XINX Household Mini Small Smart Rice Cooker/Steamer with Non-Sti

Product description

- Compact design is great for home use.
- Automatic heat preservation system is practical.
- Non-stick design makes it easy to clean.
- LED screen and buttons design are convenient for operating.

Capacity: 1.2L
Rated power: 240W
Rated voltage: 220V
Inner pot material: alloy

- Water droplets on the bottom of the inner pot do not affect the normal use of the rice cooker, but it's better to wipe them before using.
- The inner pot can be cleaned and sanitized using a dishwasher.
- Do not place the product in the unbalanced, moist places or close to a source of fire or heat.
- Please do not use steel wire ball and other hard items to clean or scrub the inner pot.
- Do not place the inner pot on any other heat source.
- Do not touch the inner pot directly with your hands during using or just after using.
- If it is kept warm for more than 24 hours, the rice will smell bad.

XINX Household Mini Small Smart Rice Cooker/Steamer with Non-Sti


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