Warning! This Product contains Nicotine.Nicotine is addictive chemical
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Myle The JUUL Killer

Whenever you’re thinking that you want to make a switch from traditional cigarettes to E-cigarettes (Vaping),or even if you’re an old vaper, you might consider switching up your device. In the market, there are 2 tough competitions: JUUL and MYLE are available. But based on the surveys, people actually calling like: Could MYLE be the JUUL Killer? Let’s discuss based on the reviews, specifications and experience of these two. Our team has researched the competency about the JUUL and MYLE, and created a strong case study regarding it.

Myle is a pretty excellent device for its sleek design and the specifications. Let’s bring it out, the MYLE – you gotta have a total of 4 indicator lights, where one turns blue that means that you’re vaping on it. There are other 3 indicators which only turn green, showing the device is ON. On being 100% charged it turns all 3 green lights, on being 45-50% charged it turns 2 lights, and when 10% charged only the bottom one lit up. The device will help you show when you should charge or not. As you would expect, there’s one micro USB port available on the back, which includes the supply charging micro USB cable with the product.


  • Fresh Aroma
  • Anti-leakage System ( Advanced Technology)
  • Smooth Inhalation
  • Extended Battery (requires only 30 minutes to charge)
  • 0.7 mm Pod (better than compared to JUUL)
  • 240 puffs per pod
  • Available in 5 colors (Jet Black, Matte Red, Exotic Green, Goldish Brown, and Icy Blue)


  • 22% More Juice at 0.9ml
  • 20% More Battery Power at 240
  • LED Battery Indicator
  • USB Whole Charger
  • More Device Colour Options
  • SaltNic & VGOD Branded Juice
  • Better Value For Money
  • 40 Less Puffs Per Pod
  • 20% Less Battery Power Per
  • Shallow Indicators
  • Dedication USB cable that only
  • Less Colour Variants
  • Only Works With The Brand’s Device
  • High Pricing

Manufacturer suggested retail price for the device is itself 45 AED, kits are for 80 AED (device + pod), various unique flavours – you can get it for 45 AED. The package of pods costs you 80 AED.

Different flavours like Cubano, Summer, Strawberry, Mint, Tropical Mango, Lush Pipes, etc.

Provided with an instruction manual which helps you in guiding how to install it, which is very simple to install and easy to use. Presented with a flavour of 5% (50 mg) SaltNic. These flavours, while vaping won’t choke your breath, it’s curated for a smooth & rich experience for the consumers, which comes with an anti-leakage system. These flavours hit differently as they tell their name. Based on a survey, our existing customers told us they won’t be able to describe each flavour whichever they tried, because all are so damn good that they themselves get confused over a bunch of flavours and experience that MYLE provides.


MYLE beat the JUUL with their advancement and features. From the perspective of vaping, MYLE and JUUL both are exceptional products. However, MYLE got the upper hand in terms of their productive features, the experience they provide to their consumer, the capacity of liquid, the sleek design, and the low cost pricing, with so much advancement in their product.

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